Chinese Media Scooped by Shue Yan University Student, Wong Lai Yung

If you follow the Hong Kong news, then you’ve probably read about recent attacks against Chinese journalists and massive protests against press censorship.

Given how much coverage SCMP has devoted to the ILAS mis-selling scandal, it seems quite odd that Chinese newspapers have published almost nothing on the topic. I don’t know how to explain it, but I’m tempted to believe that Chinese journalists have been bullied into silence.

Fortunately, not everyone is being quiet. My girlfriend and I were recently interviewed by a journalism student from Shue Yan University who was doing research for a report on ILAS. Her name is Wong Lai Yung, and she has given me permission to reprint her article on my blog:


One of the most disturbing facts she discovered is that over 2 million ILAS policies have been sold in Hong Kong over the past decade:

Chinese ILAS Article Chart P1

She found this info on the Insurance Authority’s website. I didn’t know this information was public until she told me. I have since spent a lot of time looking through the data and will soon be posting several charts that tie together more than a decade of ILAS statistics.

I’ve also been working on an essay that explains how insurers and advisers have been violating Section 16A of the Theft Ordinance. I will post that soon as well.

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