An Emerging International Coalition of Anti-ILAS Crusaders

For the past year, I have been witnessing and have become a part of an ever-expanding international network of anti-ILAS activists. This network stretches from Eastern Europe to the Middle East to Japan to Hong Kong to Singapore and anywhere else that ILAS is being flogged. Many of these activists are victims of the scam, but others like myself are involved because we know too many friends, colleagues, and acquaintances who’ve been ripped off.

As we speak out, the number of infuriated investors continues to snowball, and the downfall of ILAS looks increasingly inevitable.

Daniel Brooks, based in Tokyo, is one ILAS victim who is fighting back with notable force. He recently wrote an excellent article that was published in the Japan Times, which exposes the deceptive practices of those who create and sell ILAS:

It’s their plan for your money, so assume deception

Daniel is also fundraising and organizing collective legal action against Generali International. Anyone wishing to learn more may contact him via his online petition:

Stop insurance companies paying high, undisclosed, front-loaded commission payments to advisors selling Investment-Linked Assurance Schemes (ILAS)

When ILAS victims work together, and especially when they utilize the media, the chances of insurers and advisers being held accountable increases dramatically.

If you are an ILAS victim and would like to link up with other ILAS victims, feel free to contact me at A number of people from different countries have recently contacted me and are working hard to get newspapers across the globe to start reporting on this international scandal.

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