17 thoughts on “Peter Drake Has Removed His Blog from the Internet

  1. Guitariman

    As someone who wrote on that blog of Peters, I must accept a very small part of the blame/credit. My comments were not always the most helpful (unlike yours Martyn).

    My last post, which of course has now been removed, reminded people of the 4 Corners report available here


    I’m sure most people involved with LM will have seen it and Drake is not in it much. However the point is, when challenged, Drake acts like a as child when questioned outside his house. He behaves like a child ‘caught out’ and that alone adds serious weight to what Martyn is saying.

    Drake knew he was in trouble – watch him in the programme. He knew that the funds were going wrong but his ego meant he thought he could deal with it. He gambled with my/our money and he lost.

    He knew.

    He could have

    1) told us and concentrated on saving our investment, not carrying on as if nothing was happening. I would have accepted this even if I only got my original investment back with no profit. Surely better than what we have now, but of course, he’ll say that the money was spent on land, fees etc so there was no liquidity in the fund.

    2) stopped taking investments and completed what he had started without dragging others into his mess, without widening the net of projects and conned investors. He kept going and, whether he set out at the start to deceive/create a Ponzi, that is what he found himself in charge of.

    I don’t really believe we will see our cash returned ,but do believe justice might mean simply Drake ends up in jail. That just might have to do.

  2. Martyn Terpilowski

    100% correct Guitariman. This could have been stopped before an extra $300m was raised and disappeared… In the last year the fund was in existence over $100m was burned in fees. It is beyond me how Drake thought he could pull this off but he just kept lying and ‘kicking the can down the road’. I mean even when he was taking in an insane $10m a month and paying out nearly $1m straight back in fees to the introducing brokers…. he still could not pay clients back who were waiting for their money for years (not mths). His arrogance coupled with the greed of the sales manager Martin Venier and the parasite brokers, robbed many hard working ppl of their money which is truly tragic. Drake and a few others should definitely end up in prison. Drake has completely refused to challenge my posts and comments as he knows – I know… I watched it unfold and moaned and moaned… Sadly most the brokers filled their boots as he fed their greed….. If nothing else – through these blogs we can at least show how Drake colluded with the brokers to rob ppl… It is disgusting.

  3. Guitariman

    Thank you for drip feeding these emails.

    I hope we get our money back and I know efforts are being made with that goal in mind. Sadly my coping mechanism includes 1) shouting my mouth off on his self serving blog and 2) accepting that a return of my investment is almost certainly not going to happen.

    All I really want is this guy in jail. That’s it. I just wonder where that is going to come from. I mean did he do anything illegal? However angry I might be with him, was it illegal?

    FTI and KM can keep my money, just send him away.

  4. John


    I have been trying to redeem my money
    $230,000 since June 2011 with no definite
    Time frame.
    This money was all my savings from working in
    the Middle East away from my family for 10 yrs
    I filed a complaint with the ASIC in March 2012
    for not providing a time frame. They finally gave me a timeframe for Nov. 2012 which of course
    was just a lie.
    My Advisor is hiding in a country and I have no
    I had my suspicion that it was a ponzi scheme
    and I contacted a North American Police Force
    (Feb2012) and they said that it was a boiler room scam.
    I emailed Peter Drake,Shauna Larkin,David Nunn,Brian Mackenzie,Katie Phillips many times with no success.They just said that for the fairness for the other investors that I have to
    wait my turn.
    I contacted a Australian Lawyer and he could not do anything so finally I Lawyer from North American threatened with a law suit and LM
    said go ahead and sue. Jan 2013.

    This has been a living nightmare

    Why is Peter Drake not in jail for Taxes
    and why can’t we get our ( non residence
    Holding tax ) back since this was a ponzi scam


  5. Martyn Terpilowski

    Guitariman and John

    Thanks for your comments and again I am very sorry this has happened and it is truly tragic. Sadly I am not a lawyer and I also have a total lack of understanding how many of these ppl including Drake are still walking around as free men. To me it seems quite a clear Ponzi scheme and should therefore be deemed illegal. Also, many brokers sold this knowing the problems for huge fees, so in my eyes they should also be brought to account. Finally the insurance companies were completely negligent in allowing funds on their platforms which they knew had 2 yr plus redemption queues and knew were paying absurd commission levels. As I said I am not a lawyer, but hopefully through these mails – things can be seen clearer and lawyers can take this up on behalf of victims.

  6. Susan D.

    Anyone heard of SCI based in Bangkok? A gentleman called Nick Chilver sold me some products in 2011 when, according to recent documents, everyone knew no payouts were being made. SCI’s website seems outdated and he doesn’t respond to my emails. Funny that. He took the life savings that my husband and I had spent 10 years building up and probably got a decent commission out of it. Anyone know where he is or whether SCI is still in business.

  7. Susan D.

    Thank you for that. That is something I had from some time ago. I also have this … about half way down the page … seems he found God. Before or after he destroyed our family, I don’t know.


    If anyone comes across a Nicolas Chilver selling financial products, I’m sure he has some wonderful products for you. However, be sure to ask him about LM and SCI before you sign up with him.

    He was based is Thailand and dealt with teachers prominently, working internationally. We met him in China.

    Anyone else seen him.

  8. Susan D.

    Oh and Nick, if you wander onto this page, can you get in contact. I’d hate to see SCI go bust and your reputation destroyed in the international teaching market. Some people might be under the impression that you are some stupid fool selling stuff he doesn’t understand. I’d hate that to happen. My husband and I would love to put your future client’s minds at ease. Go on Nick, give us a tinkle.

  9. concerned friend

    Nick Chilver was part of a group of IFA based in Thailand who worked for SCI. He dealt with teachers teaching at international schools and his team visited schools, selling their products. He is ‘protected’ by the fact he was in Thailand and how can these teachers sue someone when they are based in China, to quote one previous poster. Equally, you the posters, are protected by the fact he cannot come after you since he is in Thailand and you are … insert location.

    Whatever Nick Chilver is doing now, maybe still with SCI, I don’t know, but whatever he is doing … don’t trust him. He has poor knowledge of the products he is selling, is a slimy little man who doesn’t care about what happens to clients and cannot be relied upon. Approach at your own peril.

    Ask him about Dale. I’ll leave his last name out to protect Dale. I met Dale whilst teaching in Asia. We had both met Nick but before we met each other. I stayed clear but Dale had invested. Lets just say Dale had a very public and bad experience when all this happened. He couldn’t adjust to the scenario of LMs collapse and , without going into too much detail, was very unwell. Not a great situation when you are trying to teach Year 12. Am I bitter? Of course I am. I watched my friend become a shell of his former self. If you think my bitterness is a reason to trust him, go ahead. I’m sure he’ll see you some services regardless. Just don’t expect any support once the money is invested and if trouble hits, be ready to look after yourself. I know this because I tried to help Dale and heard, first hand, about what was happening.

    Nick sold Dale 2 products from LM. Dale later thought Nick did not know what he was selling. Nicks emails in responses to Dale’s questions were … in Dale’s words …in a different style … to his main text. Dale believed he cut and paste them from LM literature or from emails he got from head office.

    Nick Chilver, you are a disgrace. What happened to Dale is on your head as well as Drakes. He was only 26 at the time of the collapse of LM. He only lost a small amount invested and I say that due to some of the big figures I see banded about, but it was 5 figures. You wiped the floor with him and you couldn’t care less. I suspect the only thing you care about is yourself.

    I’ll never forget it. Or you.

  10. Guitariman

    Such sad stories and my thoughts are with you. A lot of people have had to deal with the aftermath of these events and the tragic tales I’ve heard, here and elsewhere, make for unpleasent reading. Good to see some names coming out mind you. These IFA can just move on and start again with another client group. We owe it to others to make sure they at least ask the likes of those mentioned here about previous failings and how it was dealt with.

  11. Guitariman

    Finances and God? What a mix.

    For those of you affected by all this there are groups forming. I don’t want to say too much as these groups are trying to ensure certain things/activities don’t get into the wrong hands, but there are people who want to see justice for us all. Will it work? Who knows, but please know that people are trying.

    Personally I just want Drake in jail. The money’s gone. Maybe Chilver can ask God to help us less fortunate types with our situation. Maybe he found God and is asking for forgiveness. Maybe he’s just hiding.

    Martyn? You’ve gone quiet. We are missing your revelations. More please.

  12. Susan D

    Looks like we are starting to get a picture of Mr Chilver. I tried posting on that website but it won’t let me.

    Hey Nick, what would baby Jesus say about it all. Do you still believe hes holding a seat for you in heaven, or do you think he might have something to say about your life. Would he perhaps think that your ill gotten gains are the devils work

    I looked up some quotes for you

    Luke 16:13 No servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.

    Not sure where that leaves you Nick. Maybe you are living a humble life helping others. If so congratulations.

    If however, you are not and I see your name on the internet, I am going to post about your pre Jesus days. Remember those Nick, when you worshiped money and lost mine? I am going to follow you forever making sure you don’t forget it. Jesus may forgive but the rest of us wont.

  13. concerned friend

    Susan D. Is this him? I’ve got to admit, it might be (I met him remember too, but years ago) but it is a Nick Chilver living in Thailand. Not the most common name.

    Forgive the huge web address, It’s a search really. Once you get onto the page (click VISIT PAGE) it only calls him Nick but this search page shows his full name.


    Visit the page and read on. The jokes are just writing themselves.

  14. Susan D

    i dont know if I should laugh or cry. Call me nave but is it saying what it think it is saying?

    Nick Chilvar, you vulgar, rotten man. You rob teachers of there cash, have a grubby little life and now think God is the answer. No Nick. I’m going to follow you and make sure you can never forget what you have done.

    Visit as many ladies as you like but remember that money you spend on their services was made from hard earned savings from families like mine. As you make your journey along the way, ask Jesus for our money back will you.

    I’ll leave it there. Too upsetting.

  15. Mohamed Al Seed

    Nicholas Chivar sell me a policy and my friend also. He lost everything and now wife lost and house soon. All because mr Nicholas visit our school and sell him products. I lost also but small amount. Bad but not bad as my friend. Now mr Nicholas visit bad woman in Thailand with my money. No sorry to me or my friend. Why mr Nicholas cannot even say sorry. Hope your son see what sort of a father you are. You visit bad woman and think your God will say Ok all forgot. My friend cannot forgot. I know of other man who work for SCI. All are criminal but mr Nicholas worst of all.


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