Heroes of the Life Insurance Industry

In the future, I’ll be posting profiles of individuals and organizations who’ve made noteworthy efforts to educate and protect the general public from exploitative life insurance products. These are the people who’ve acted when regulators have not.

I may not agree with all their views on every topic, but I do believe these individuals and organizations have been forces for the greater good.

I have already written several articles about individuals/organizations who I consider to be heroic. These people/organizations include:

From Singapore

Tan Kin Lin

Tan Kin Lian Says Hidden Commissions and Phony Bonus Units Are Unethical and Could Amount to Fraud

Singapore’s Consumer Champion, Tan Kin Lian, Voices Support for Hong Kong Insurance Industry Reforms

Former Singaporean Presidential Candidate Blasts ILAS, Whole Life, and Other Ripoff Insurance Products

Wilfred Ling

Trailblazing IFA Makes Airtight Case for Banning Commissions; Calls ILAS an Impending ‘MegaBomb’

A Decade of Quotes: Wilfred Ling Speaks the Unvarnished Truth about Financial Advisers

Andrew Hallam

Bestselling Author Slams Insurance-Linked “Donkeys” and Commission-Hungry “Rip-Offers” in Latest Book on Investing

From Hong Kong

South China Morning Post

Browse through THIS LIST of news articles and you’ll find a lot of SCMP’s work.

From Somewhere in Asia

“Hugh Stevenson”

‘A Worldwide Scam of Breathtaking Proportions’: Anonymous Financial Adviser Devotes Entire Book to Exposing ILAS Savings Plans

Martyn Terpilowski

Martyn is a whistleblower who called out LM Investment Management and the financial advisers and insurance companies who helped distribute LM’s funds. See The LM Emails.

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