Do not buy any investment product which is sold by an insurance salesman. Be careful because insurance salesmen may call themselves something which they are not, such as a “financial adviser”, “financial consultant”, “IFA”, or some other phony title.

Avoid investment linked assurance schemes (ILAS), whole life, universal life, or any other cash value life insurance product. If you want insurance, buy term life insurance.

In general, don’t buy any investment product from anyone who receives a commission for promoting products.

If you want an adviser, hire a fee-only adviser. Fee-only advisers will give you the most objective advice, rather than push whichever product generates the highest commission.

That said, you probably don’t need an adviser. Investing is not hard. You can read one or two books and learn enough to get started.

Andrew Hallam, a bestselling author formerly based in Singapore, recently wrote a book which is a good guide for novice investors who are based in Asia and the Middle East. The book is called The Global Expatriate’s Guide to Investing. You can read a review of it HERE.

To find other good books about investing, just do a search for “index investing” on, or simply click HERE.

The following video is also a must-watch for anyone new to investing:

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